Engineering Services

OMTLAB Ltd. offers a wide spectrum of solutions pertaining to various stages of PRODUCT ENGINEERING for wireless connectivity, automation and microwave industries.

OMT's team possesses experience in various Electrical Engineering Services covering complete cycle of activities from research & analysis, conceptual work through preliminary and detail design engineering to rapid prototyping, validation, testing and verification.



Custom UWB radio

  • mission critical industrial radio
  • customer: Hungarian medium enterprise, manufacturing


Automated guided vehicle tracking, navigation and control

  • industry 4.0 compatible solutions using our Real-time Localization System
  • customer: Hungarian medium enterprise, manufacturing & logistics | multinational corp., automotive industry | Hungarian academy


Bluetooth beacon based proximity detection

  • 2-3m proximity detection
  • application running on iOS
  • customer: multinational corp., lighting industry


Child safety system

  • long range radio and BLE
  • customer: Hungarian small enterprise, R&D


Custom IPv6 based WSN

  • dedicated to IoT applications
  • customer: Hungarian medium enterprise, security


Bluetooth Low Energy based wireless alarm

  • customer: Hungarian medium enterprise, marketing


Soil water content and conductivity sensors

  • customer: Hungarian medium enterprise, agriculture


Magnetic shielding

  • custom zero Gauss chamber development for electronics calibration
  • customer: multinational corporation, automotive industry


Permittivity analysis of dielectric materials in the 2-8 GHz frequency range

  • customer: multinational corporation, automotive industry


Custom DSP and Bluetooth audio based audio electronics

  • customer: Hungarian small enterprise, consumer electronics


Bluetooth radio modem with ModBus connectivity

  • customer: multinational corporation, lighting industry